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Company History

09. 27" Excellent Certifiation Body" designated by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
02. 10Award from the Minister of the 'Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs' for contribution to the development of eco-friendly agriculture
07. 08Acquired ISO (International Standardization) certification officer and quality manager qualification
06. 20Added certification scope (Animal Feed)
05. 27Inauguration of CEO, Seok-Ho Im
11. 22Signed MOU with Italian Certification Authority (CCPB) to promote overseas organic certification
08. 23Obtained IOIA (International Organic Certification Auditor) qualification
07. 15Designated as Eco-friendly and Organic Processing Certification Body authority No. 87 (revised related laws)
11. 30Designated as eco-friendly Agricultural Products Certification Body authority No. 87
09. 25 Designated as Organic Processed Food Certification Body authority No. 13
09. 09Obtained IOIA (International Organic Certification Auditor) qualification
06. 20Established corporation (CEO Shin Min Kyun)