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Processed Food


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Processed FoodApplication Guide

Application Guide
Preparations for Organic Processed Foods Certifications
1) Certification Application Download
2) Organic Handling Plan
3) Building Register and Land Register, Land Registration Map, Floor Plan(Plot Plan)
4) Business registration certificate, business declaration document or permit, HACCP designation certificate
5) Management Related Documents – latest 3 months
  • a) jobsheet (production journal)
  • b) receipts and disbursement records (Entry and exit records for raw materials and re-packaging) : including inventory
  • c) Transaction details (purchase, sale)
  • d) Item manufacturing report and production report
6) Shipping & Receiving traceability of the products shipped
7) Analyst Report, etc.
  • a) Water quality test report or tap water receipt
  • b) Inspection report for packing materials
  • c) Product residue pesticide inspection report
  • d) Certificate of raw agricultural products
  • e) List of materials used for cleaning or disinfection

Required Attached documents according to organic handling plan

Required Attached documents according to organic handling plan
Classification Documents to be attached Documents to be checked at the site
General Requirements Certification Application 1) Waste treatment record
2) Waste water (treated water) Analysis report
3) Organic handling education materials
Organic Handling Plan
Food product manufacturing report
Copy of Business registration
Building Register
Factory Map(Facility Layout)
Waste disposal company consignment contract
Raw material for processing Raw Material Organic Certificate 1) Raw Material purchase statement
2) Data such as Inevitable use of Non-organic raw materials, additives, processing aid and minimum usage based on food standards.
Water analysis test report
Salt quality test report
Non-GMO documents
Processing methods Manufacturing process diagram 1) Work log (production record)
Certification that proves filtration material is suitable for food
Pest and pathogen management Pest Management Manual 1) Pest control records
2) Pesticide Management List
3) Insecticide MSDS
4) monthly disease control report
Consignment contract with disease control company
Cleansing and disinfection Cleansing/Disinfection Manual 1) Cleansing / disinfection control record
2) Confirmation of Remaining Residue
Packaging Packing material test report 1) Confirmation of packaging materials and markings
Transportation of raw materials and products   1) Vehicle cleanliness record
Ensuring Records and Access   1) Purchase records of raw materials
2) Production records
3) Inventory records
4) Shipment records

▶ Attached documents are mostly manuals and analytical documents. Various records are verified during on-site audits.
▶ Documents to be verified at the on-site audit are checked regularly at the annual inspection.
▶ The attached documents and verification documents may be added or reduced depending on the factory situation, such as the size of the factory and the type of product produced.

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