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Organic Handling


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Organic HandlingApplication Guide

Application Guide

Preparation for Handling (re-packaging) certification application
1) Certification Application Download
2) Certified products manufacture, processing and handling plan Download
3) Work place : Building Register and Land Register, Land Registration Map, Floor Plan(Plot Plan)
4) Compliance with facility standards : Business registration certificate, business declaration document or permit, HACCP designation certificate
5) Management Related Documents – latest 3 months
  • a) jobsheet (production journal)
  • b) receipts and disbursement records (Entry and exit records for raw materials and re-packaging) : including inventory
  • c) Transaction details (purchase, sale)
  • d) Item manufacturing report and production report
6) Shipping & Receiving traceability of the products shipped
7) Analyst Report, etc.
  • a) Water quality test report or tap water receipt
  • b) Inspection report for packing materials
  • c) Product residue pesticide inspection report
  • d) Certificate of raw agricultural products
  • e) List of materials used for cleaning or disinfection

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